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Social enterprise and profitable

MTB directly contributes to the wellbeing of people and the success of organisations in the Maastricht & Heuvelland region. We provide products and services in many fields. You can find out all about our range under the headers of 'Work-based Learning', 'Personnel', 'Facilities' and 'Production'. MTB unites Corporate Social Responsibility and quality. We are reliable, committed, loyal and proud: proud of the lasting relationships we build with our many customers and partners and proud of our people who are of such great value despite their limited prospects of employment. Our people work on self-development within and outside of MTB and eventually find jobs in the regular market.

(Group) secondment
'"For us, choosing to work with MTB has been the L'Ogical choice for many years."'
Cycling Sports Group
'"MTB wheels have been the basis of our bikes for years."'
Employer industrial mail services
'"I simply send them an email once every three months with a PDF file and address database. Shortly afterwards my neatly sealed magazine lands in thousands of letterboxes all over the Netherlands."'
'"Working with MTB feels familiar. It feels so good to see how much pleasure people take in keeping our buildings and workplaces clean."'
Business Post
'"To start each morning with the cheerful smile of the Business Post messenger really makes my day."'
NEN (Dutch Standards) Inspections
'"Very friendly employees, excellent registration. Many thanks for the service."'
Monument Maintenance
'"Leave it to the MTB people do carry out a renovation job. They'll get the job done – they're real professionals.'
Active learning
Guided Tours at MTB
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Guided Tours at MTB
Guided Tours at MTB
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Students at work at MTB, or rather 'L@WMTB'!
Production news
Students at work at MTB, or rather 'L@WMTB'!
Students at work at MTB, or rather 'L@WMTB'!
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Active learning news
Other Active learning news