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Guided Tours at MTB

Geplaatst op: 11-01-2016

Three remarkable tours took place last year at MTB's headquarters at the Watermolen in Maastricht.

The tours were remarkable because the introduction mentioned the developments that come with the Participation Act. Entrepreneurs and businesses should take these into account as they may well benefit from exploring the opportunities and prospects it brings.

MTB and Podium 24 are partners who complement each other's services. The tour clarifies the meaning of the new law and the supportive and service-oriented role these partners fulfil.

As it turned out, a tour at MTB also was the perfect chance to get a good idea of MTB's range of services as well as all the latest developments in responding to market developments with flexibility.

New dates for tours will be announced and invitations sent. If you are already interested, please register via, indicating "MTB tour". We will soon be in touch to inform you of dates and times.