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Successful Social Projects

Geplaatst op: 09-05-2016

Quotes from the Weelec April newsletter on the cooperation between Weelec and MTB

Weelec April newsletter

"Successful social projects"

"April turned out to be a very special month for one of our colleagues! After his induction period he was hired by Weelec in the traditional way, thereby successfully concluding his journey of reintegration into the regular job market. We are all so proud of this incredible achievement! It demonstrates once more that there are plenty of good people on the side lines who deserve a chance and are willing to give it their best."

Special thanks also go to our cooperation partners: Wiertz Personeelsdiensten, MTB Maastricht and Relim. Every day we work with them on the reintegration of disadvantaged jobseekers. Through trial and error, we are now starting to write our first success stories. We're looking forward to new opportunities in this field and we will definitely keep you posted on any newly started or finished projects."

Weelec April newsletter

"Disassembly of large white goods"
In close cooperation with Maastrichtse Toeleveringsbedrijven, also known as MTB, Weelec has developed a disassembly process for removing interferants such as wood, insulation materials and condensators from large white goods. Regular as well as social employees man the disassembly line. Line management is also a combination of efforts by Weelec and MTB.

After six months of intensive cooperation and development, we are now disassembling an average of 170 units of white goods daily, making the Weelec/MTB disassembly line the most productive in the Netherlands! This project is a classic example of the synergy advantages of Social Return Projects in commercial environments. By investing time and guidance we can make inclusive society work, with a place for everyone. Weelec and MTB have been living proof of this for months and are looking forward to the future together!"