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Industrial Assembly

Business or industrial assembly - the basis of our company

Assembly, installation, (re-)packaging and productions are the proverbial heart of our sheltered workplace. Because we have space, manpower and materials at our disposal, we can deliver both small and large-scale production work.

This is the type of work we've been performing since our foundation. We are good at it and pleased with our results. The size of our department and (storage) halls matches the size of the commitment of our employees. Thanks to our treasure trove of experience we can deal with a large variety of assignments, whether simple or complicated. From packaging foodstuffs to assembling high-tech components.

We are flexible in three ways. First of all, our attitude to work: the client's wishes are our starting point, and we adapt. Secondly, our location: we offer all our clients the choice between performing work at their premises or at MTB. Thirdly, specifications: in case of end-assembly we can deliver entirely custom-made products.

Packaging and preparing for shipment can be arranged according to your needs, as well as shipments and deliveries. You are guaranteed the best service by the finest assembly business in the Netherlands!

Industrial Assembly services

  • electrical installation
  • mechanical (dis-)assembly
  • production work, product assembly
  • wrapping, packaging and repackaging
"Our professionals guarantee a top-quality product that functions exactly like it should – at competitive prices."