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Industrial Sewing Workshop

All-round sewing workshop

MTB has the best sewing workshop in Maastricht. We are real all-rounders, almost literally. From medical aids to boat sails, from shin protectors to braces for horses. Our employees can put just about anything together with the MTB sewing machines.

We can execute patterns in small or high volumes for various sectors, from fashion to medical supplies. We can execute (semi-) finished products in a variety of materials.

Our distinctive strength lies in our approach to difficult designs and complicated constructions. When clients have specific wishes, our MTB sewing workshop will provide the extra attention required.

Industrial Sewing Workshop services:

  • production of (semi-) finished products using industrial sewing machines
  • repair and restoration services
  • hemming, pin tucks and other finishing works
"We have great admiration for our customers. They deliver top-quality products to the paramedical and football sectors."