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(Group) secondment

Corporate social responsibility and optimal performance

There are many good reasons for not wishing to employ people even though work abounds: the work is temporary; you want to avoid financial risk in case of absence due to sickness; you'd rather outsource administration, or your need for manpower may vary considerably.

In cases like these secondment is the solution. After deciding together on the right job profile, we'll start looking for a suitable candidate in our files.

Secondment – individually or in groups

Secondment is possible for a variety of vacancies or activities. We can provide people on an individual basis for specific jobs, or a group secondment if you have a big project that needs many people, with supervision if desired. Why not unburden yourself by leaving the work instructions and direct management to us?

Secondment is possible for short or long periods.

The people we second often come with financial benefits. Whenever subsidies or other special measures apply to them, you will see this reflected in our rates. By making use of our employees, you also get to promote your company as a Socially Responsible Entrepreneur.

Simplicity in administration

Naturally we will manage the payroll, your obligations with regards to the Eligibility for Permanent Invalidity Benefit (Restrictions) Act as well as all other formalities. You will simply receive a clear invoice for hours worked.

"Our strength lies in matching and finding the right person for the job, as well as thoroughly preparing people and providing direct supervision where necessary."