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Hardware and Workplace Cleaning

Your workplace could be so much cleaner!

While you are looking at this website, you are only inches away from a significant source of disease: your keyboard. Your mouse, telephone and other equipment used daily are also dirtier than you think, even if it can't be seen with the naked eye. With flexi-working on the rise more people are using the same equipment, resulting in more soiling.

More and more companies are enjoying good as new looking workspaces thanks to our enthusiastic cleaners. This prevents not only illness and therefore sick leave, but also hardware failure. Maintenance is an investment that pays off on many levels.

Our experienced employees use specialised equipment such as ATP meters to indicate the level of dirt on equipment. We only use cleaning products that are not harmful to people or the environment.

Hardware and Workplace Cleaning Services

  • drawing up a hygiene plan
  • cleaning of PCs, screens, keyboards, computer mouse, telephones and printers
  • subscription to periodic cleaning and hardware check-ups
"It feels great to contribute to a clean working environment. People can work with ease of mind after we've been - isn't that wonderful?"