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Landscaping talent

Monsdal is a unique joint venture between MTB and Dolmans Landscaping Group. A whopping 70% of all landscaping services are carried out by people with disabilities or with limited prospects of employment. At the same time the quality of our services is extremely high, because at Monsdal we pay close attention to people's talents as well as sustainable and environmentally friendly products and techniques. This in its turn leads to landscaping that will be greatly admired by all visitors of your company or institution.

Monsdal services

  • landscaping for offices and business premises (design and maintenance)
  • hydroseeding
  • roof gardens and ponds
  • weed control
  • landscape architecture and maintenance
  • artificial grass

Thanks to our collaboration with Dolmans Landscaping we are able to fulfil every wish. Do contact us to discuss your wishes, or visit the Monsdal web page for more information.

Private garden maintenance

Subscription-based or incidental garden maintenance. We will take the utmost care with all your garden work such as

  • pruning
  • mowing
  • pre-summer/winter maintenance
  • planting
  • any other garden maintenance work