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Mailing Services

One stop (perfect) shopping

Everything has to be just right when you hire us for your promotional actions or other mail projects: salutation, addressing, assembly, packaging (envelope or sealing) and distribution. In other words: a perfect personalised mailing for your direct mail. Because everything needs to be perfect, we take the greatest care throughout every step of the process.

What makes MTB unique, is that we are able to handle the entire process for you: the complete production and logistical cycle. That includes the design of your mailing, digital or traditional printing, database processing, labelling, assembly, packaging, stamping and even delivery through our very own postal service. One stop shopping, indeed!

Mailing Services

  • handling (packaging, repackaging and insertion)
  • personalisation
  • finishing
  • stamping
  • delivery
  • printing
"What makes our people special, is how fast and meticulously they work. They are perfectly attuned to one another, so that the proper order of tasks is carried out seamlessly."