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NEN (Dutch Standards) Inspections

Carefree compliance with safety standards

Complying with your safety standards and obligations was never easier. MTB takes the hassle out of your NEN inspections (2484 and 3140) and makes sure your working conditions in this area are completely in order.

We provide a subscription-based monitoring service for all your equipment: testing, inspections and flawless registration. We will repair any defective equipment, ready for reapproval.

The NEN 2484 inspection deals with scaffolding and portable climbing equipment such as ladders and steps. NEN 3140 is about inspection of electrical work equipment: any equipment employees use for their work, that is equipped with a plug.

NEN inspection services

  • inspection according to NEN standards 2484 and 3140
  • formal registration of objects for inspection, with unique numbers
  • performance of small and big repairs
  • after approval, inspected objects are labelled with date-imprinted inspection stickers
  • formal certificate with inspection results for all approved objects
  • rejection in case of doubt, followed by advice for approval, repair or replacement
  • inspection of E-installations and performance of energy scan in cooperation with external specialist
"The tremendous sense of responsibility that all our inspection employees display is awe-inspiring."