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Surveillance and Security

A solution for every security problem

People need to feel safe. Whether it is about the safety of our employees, our shops, our guests or traffic: safety should always be a priority, down to the very last detail.

Polygarde, the joint venture between MTB and Intergarde, is a security company. With its extremely vigilant and motivated employees, Polygarde guarantees the safety you desire. Our employees have made the transition to the job market via MTB and have received thorough professional training at Polygarde .

Polygarde security guards prove that safety and Corporate Social Responsibility can go hand in hand.

Polygarde provides the following services:

  • property security: security for commercial buildings or premises, events (such as (private) parties, music or sporting events), building works supervision
  • shop surveillance for (large) shopping malls and smaller companies
  • mobile surveillance: opening/closing rounds, inspection rounds, alarm response
  • traffic marshals: for accidents, road works or (public) events
  • reception services: from a single receptionist to outsourcing reception services
  • teleservice: customer service, breakdown service or distant telephone operators

Extra facility services by MTB

  • bicycle parking facility surveillance and security

For more information please contact Polygarde

"We are proud of every single smoothly run, problem-free event and after another day or night without incidents. Every incident prevented reconfirms the quality of our security guards."